Blessed Beginnings: Unveiling the Timeless Cherokee Native American Wedding Blessing

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cherokee native american wedding blessing

Title: Cherokee Native American Wedding Blessing: A Sacred Union Celebrating Love and TraditionIntroduction:The sacred union of marriage is celebrated in various cultures around the world, each with its unique traditions and blessings. Among these, the Cherokee Native American wedding blessing holds immense significance. Rooted in ancient customs and beliefs, this traditional blessing bestows love, harmony, and spiritual guidance upon the couple embarking on their journey together. In this article, we will explore the rich cultural heritage of Cherokee Native American wedding blessings and the profound meaning they hold for couples today.

1. The Significance of Cherokee Wedding Blessings

Cherokee wedding blessings are deeply rooted in the spiritual beliefs and cultural practices of the Cherokee Nation. These blessings are considered sacred and are performed to invoke the blessings of the Creator, ancestors, and nature spirits. The union of two souls is seen as a harmonious blending of energies, creating a strong foundation for love, respect, and devotion.

2. The Ceremony: A Celebration of Love and Tradition

Cherokee wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition and symbolism. The couple is joined under the guidance of an elder or ceremonial leader who conducts the sacred rituals. As the couple exchanges vows, the sacred fire burns brightly, symbolizing the eternal flame of love and commitment. The beating of the ceremonial drum echoes the heartbeat of Mother Earth, signifying the unison of the couple with nature and the universe.

2.1 The Sacred Fire

The sacred fire plays a central role in Cherokee wedding ceremonies. It represents the transformative power of love and serves as a focal point for prayers and blessings. The couple circles the fire, symbolizing their commitment to walk together in life, sharing the warmth and strength of their love.

2.2 The Ceremonial Drum

The rhythmic beats of the ceremonial drum hold a deep spiritual significance in Cherokee traditions. As its vibrations resonate through the air, they connect the couple to their ancestors and the spirit realm. The drumming symbolizes the heartbeat of Mother Earth, reminding the couple of their connection to the natural world and the importance of living in harmony with it.

3. The Wedding Blessing: A Sacred Invocation

Cherokee wedding blessings are powerful invocations that seek the guidance and blessings of the Creator and nature spirits. These blessings are offered to ensure a harmonious and prosperous journey for the couple. The elder or ceremonial leader recites prayers and words of wisdom, calling upon the spiritual forces to protect and guide the union.

3.1 The Creator’s Blessing

The Cherokee believe in the existence of a divine Creator who oversees all aspects of life. The wedding blessing seeks the Creator’s blessing for the couple, asking for wisdom, love, and prosperity to be bestowed upon them throughout their journey together. The blessing also acknowledges the sacredness of marriage as a union blessed by the Creator.

3.2 Ancestral Blessings

Cherokee Native Americans hold deep reverence for their ancestors and the wisdom they impart. The wedding blessing invokes the blessings of the couple’s ancestors, seeking their guidance and protection. It is believed that the spirits of the ancestors watch over the couple, offering support and wisdom as they navigate their shared path in life.

4. The Meaningful Symbols: A Tapestry of Love

Cherokee wedding ceremonies incorporate various symbols that hold deep meaning. These symbols not only add to the beauty of the ceremony but also serve as reminders of the couple’s commitment and the values they hold dear.

4.1 The Wedding Shawl

The wedding shawl, woven with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, symbolizes the couple’s journey together. It represents the warmth, protection, and support they provide for one another. The shawl is draped over the couple’s shoulders, signifying their unity and the merging of their lives.

4.2 The Water Ceremony

The water ceremony is a symbolic ritual in Cherokee weddings. The couple shares a drink from a ceremonial cup, which represents their shared life and the nourishment they provide to each other. It signifies their commitment to support and care for one another throughout their lives.


Cherokee Native American wedding blessings are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs of the Cherokee Nation. These sacred ceremonies unite couples in love, harmony, and deep respect for the natural world. The blessings bestowed upon the couple serve as guiding lights throughout their marital journey, nurturing their love, and fostering a deep spiritual connection. By embracing the wisdom of their ancestors and the Creator’s blessings, couples can embark on a fulfilling and meaningful union, rooted in love and tradition.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can non-Cherokee couples incorporate Cherokee wedding blessings in their ceremonies?

Absolutely! Cherokee wedding blessings are not exclusive to Cherokee couples. They can be incorporated into the wedding ceremonies of couples from diverse backgrounds who appreciate and respect the Cherokee culture and traditions.

2. Are there any specific rituals or customs associated with Cherokee wedding blessings?

Yes, Cherokee wedding blessings often include rituals such as the sacred fire, ceremonial drumming, and the exchange of vows. However, the exact customs and rituals may vary depending on the specific Cherokee tribe and the ceremonial leader conducting the blessing.

3. Can we personalize the Cherokee wedding blessing to reflect our own values and beliefs?

While it is essential to honor the authenticity of Cherokee wedding blessings, it is possible to incorporate personal touches with the guidance and approval of the ceremonial leader. This ensures that the ceremony remains respectful and meaningful to both the couple and the Cherokee culture.

4. Is it necessary to seek permission from the Cherokee Nation to include their wedding blessings?

While it is not mandatory to seek permission, it is highly recommended to consult with a representative from the Cherokee Nation or a respected elder who can provide guidance and ensure cultural sensitivity throughout the process.

5. How can we learn more about Cherokee wedding blessings and traditions?

To learn more about Cherokee wedding blessings and traditions, it is best to engage with the Cherokee community and seek guidance from knowledgeable individuals. Reading books written by Cherokee authors and attending cultural events can also provide valuable insights into their rich heritage.

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